We Lost it all for the Brain

Have you ever wondered why humans have such big, elaborate brains? Clearly, they are an evolutionary advantage, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. In fact, our brains are such an advantage that we gave up all the other cool physical traits that could help us survive. Humans have no fangs, claws, or thick hide. We’re not even big and strong compared to other predators. Even birth became more difficult and oftentimes deadly, but the big brain was worth it. So, just what is so special about our brains?

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It’s All About Relationships

A lone human was a dead human. Today, you might feel like you need to get away from it all and live like a hermit for a while (or forever). But humans are social animals and there is power in numbers. We lived in groups of 100-150 and worked together to survive. Sure, there was division of labor, but what really kept everyone together was being able to keep track of relationships. Humans aren’t only able to remember and process our own connections, but we’re able to figure out other people’s interactions. While gossiping and being nosy might be looked down on today, knowing other people’s business and more importantly, knowing where you stand in the social hierarchy was crucial to survival.

Cooking Raw Meat

A big brain needs a lot of protein to maintain and function and properly. By learning how to use fire to cook food, humans were able to extract more energy and nutrients from their meals. Heat denatures the proteins and the cellular structures of foods that we eat. This allows our bodies to extract more calories for our brains. Cooking works well with meat but also vegetable matter and starches. Even today, our brains take priority over all other organs. It gets all the sugar and oxygen it wants. Deprive it of either of those things and you’ll find yourself hangry, dizzy, or passed out on the floor.

Meat Puppets

In a weird way, we’re all meat puppets for our brains. Right now, a brain is telling muscles in a set of fingers to type out words. A brain is formulating ideas and thoughts. A brain is trying to explain to you the importance of brains. And on your side, your brain is reading and processing all of this information about brains. Many fields of study are simply brains trying to understand how brains work. Brain dissections are brains trying to understand brain structures.

Brain Collection

Our brains decided to celebrate all brains by creating a collection of brains. We offer whole brains and half brains. And they come as earrings and necklaces, in both silver and gold! We know your brain is thinking about getting a piece of jewelry for itself… of itself. Plus, these pieces would make a perfect gift for neurologists, psychologists, neurosurgeons, and the tired-brains of starry-eyed pre-med students.

written by Science with Evie


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